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Travel – The Benefits of Exploring the World

What on earth is going on in the world?

Financial sectors around the world are collapsing, jobs are being lost, and we are driven to watch it happen while feeling powerless to intervene. But are we powerless? No. Reason enough to wish to endure this devastation. Indeed, the key to surviving this terrible and unusual period in our planet’s history is to accept responsibility, fundamentally alter our cognitive process, and alter our perspective of the world. Travelling and discovering our globe provide us with the ideal platform for this transformation.

The benefits of travel are limitless when approached with openness and humility. However, for the sake of clarity, I have separated them into five parts.

1. Traveling allows us to de-stress our minds.

2. Traveling allows us to be moved by natural beauty.

3. Travel motivates us to grow.

4. Travel stimulates our creativity and instils a sense of lightness and delight in us.

5. Travel satisfies our desire for unity.

1. Traveling allows us to de-stress our minds. Silence, which modern culture has unjustly undervalued, produces a nourishing environment for introspection and the appearance of inspiration. Yet, in the midst of our everyday activity, we find it incredibly difficult to calm our minds. This is where moving outside of our comfort zone and visiting unknown regions may be really beneficial. When we are not in our usual surroundings, it is simpler to focus our complete attention on a certain object, such as a sunset, a gorgeous landscape, or a work of art.

We allow ourselves to feel amazement and rapturous surprise at the symmetry of natural laws, and sentiments like rapture, pleasure, and peace are elicited. Time seemed to have come to a halt. Our intuitive ability is enhanced, allowing us to reach out to and truly connect with the Self. This is referred to as insight or “illumination,” the “AHA” moment when we achieve a new degree of awareness. And occasionally, when insight or light emerges, it shows something that has been staring us in the face all along.

Being able to quiet my thoughts during my personal adventures has provided me with practical solutions to issues, the bravery to change the course of my life at critical junctures, and fertile ground for creative thinking. I’ve also noticed that insights arise as “feelings,” and thus the insights vanish as the feeling vanishes. I’ve discovered that recording a mental insight, such as writing in a journal, journal, or notepad fully assimilates the mental insight. It anchors your ideas and establishes the beginning of a slow blossoming by recording discoveries.

2. Traveling allows us to be moved by natural beauty.

Beauty can be defined as a sense of visual harmony, as well as a spontaneous aesthetic experience. It is elusive, extremely personal, and unexpected, yet it is as essential to our survival as oxygen. Beauty is therapeutic, regenerating, and inspiring. Beauty allows us to put our troubles and problems aside and forget about ourselves. It reveals unnamed worlds and unnamed possibilities. Beauty satisfies our desire. We have the chance as humans to improve our abilities in the art of recognising beauty by exposing ourselves to it and making it available for experience. This opportunity is provided by travelling and exploring the world. After all, Earth is the universe’s “paradise planet.”

3. Travel motivates us to grow.

Growth is the comprehension of something we could not previously perceive. It’s feeling something we’ve never felt before or doing something we’ve never done before. It pushes us out of our comfort zone and into the unknown. Growth may be both enjoyable and unpleasant, if not outright painful at times. However, one thing is certain. The personal development that comes from travelling and learning about the world results in a far higher sensitivity to the pain of humans in general. As a result, we learn to put our own lives into perspective, which gives us a stronger feeling of purpose.

4. Travel stimulates our creativity and instils a sense of lightness and delight in us.

What happened to our creativity? Have our life experiences, education, and fitness discouraged us from engaging our imaginations to the point where we regard them as a frivolous word? Examine the child’s eyes. That expression reminds us of a time when anything was possible, unencumbered by previous experiences and without exceptions. Travelling teaches us not to take things so seriously in our lives. It arouses a sense of lightness and joy, as well as the knowledge that life is a dance. And the dance, while powerful, is also a lot of fun.

5. Travel satisfies our desire for unity.

It is instinctive for humans to seek connection with larger entities because we want to share and participate in something larger than our own self. It comes as no surprise. Travel fosters a sense of oneness with all beings on the planet. Traveling gives us the impression that we all have the same fate. So, rather than limiting ourselves to our own local communities and remaining in a fixed perspective about the globe, it makes more sense today than ever to explore our magnificent planet and travel more.

The earth urgently requires humans to begin to resonate with one another, despite our cultural differences. As the current financial crisis has shown, no one is an island. What happened on Wall Street had a global impact on all of us. Through the art of travel, we now have the potential to raise awareness and reverse the process.

Our external environment is only a reflection of our internal process. Both inside and out. And, as amazing as the universe is, it pales in comparison to the beauty and depth of our own imagination and spirit. Yet, with the resources of our world, we can attain these depths. Colours, languages, peoples, civilizations, sounds, smells, tastes, and art are all part of the rich tapestry that is our world heritage, ready to be found and appreciated.

So act quickly and schedule your honeymoon or summer trip to a new location. Bring a diary, journal, or workbook to write all of your wonderful insights and thoughts, and don’t forget your camera to capture the beauty around you.

By TravelMagazineup

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